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Winning an international reputation Shengqi Vietnam Co., Ltd is well known for professional manufacturer and service supplier of new high –tec“1-20”light single girder series and “5-500”heavy double girder series crane. Its headquarter locate in No.1 of shengqi Road of “industry park of crane” the biggest manufacturing base for lifting equipment in Henan province of China.It was affirmed for famous trademark and national prestigious enterprise one after another. It has total assets of 976 million and covering of 516800 square meters.Locating in No.1 of Wenan industry park-Wenan countryside-Zhiling town-Haiyang province-Vietnam, it set a selling branch office.
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Số 1603,Tầng 16-29T1 Hoàng Đạo Thúy-Cầu Giấy-HN
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